“In order to do well, you have to be well.”


There’s an answer to the yearning that everyone feels for effectiveness, a sense of calm and a positive direction. It’s natural to want to have meaning in your life, to have purpose and joy.

However, daily challenges rarely give you the chance to step back and take inventory of yourself and the life you’re living.

The goal of RENEW is to integrate an understanding of “Renewing” into your daily life, and give you the tools you need to bring a new focus to your work, your patients, clients and the world around you. Learn More

“As professionals, we spend so much time helping others that it’s easy to lose ourselves. I created RENEW because I witnessed the toll this can take on people and families. RENEW is specifically designed to help health professionals, attorneys, teachers, leaders and followers in the not-for-profit, public, or private sectors.  If you’re feeling overwhelmed, unappreciated, exhausted, you’ve come to the right place…”

Linda Hawes Clever, MD, MACP



“This is a time of change and growth… You will get to know yourself… You will move forward.”


The Book

“So, are you on your last nerve and feel you are out of options?  You aren’t!  The Fatigue Prescription is what you need.  Get the book, read it, really read and start making changes in your life.” – Brenda Clevenger, Midlife Mona Lisa


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